I have only recently started listening to music on my journeys to and from well, anywhere I’m going on my own really. I left my beloved iPod on the bus nearly 2 years ago now and have never got round to replacing it. Other things seemed to take my money instead. As a result I have been tuneless on my commute for some time.

When I finally got round to digging out the laptops after my recent house move I decided the my journeys needed to be soundtracked once more and loaded some music onto my phone.

Needless to say, my iTunes hasn’t been updated for some time so I have been treated to a selection of songs that have been neglected by me recently.

Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy have featured a lot and a nice shot of pop punk on these sunny days has been treating me well. Definitely putting me in a much better mood of a morning than I would be normally!

Continuing on a pop punk theme We The Kings and Cute Is What We Aim For have cropped up too. I completely forgot these bands even existed for a while, I’m really happy to have rediscovered some of the songs I used to love by them.

My soundtrack hasn’t been solely pop punk though, there have been a few electro elements in there too with Hadouken! and MGMT making a reappearance into my life.

 While I’ve been listening to all these blasts from the past I’ve been reminiscing about days gone by and the times these songs remind me of. Sometimes I get sad as I realise I don’t spend much time with people who were really important to me back then, but mostly I smile. Remembering random trips from Liverpool to London with my flatmates at the time, drinking gin all the way down and stopping a man for a photo because he was a real life Hoxton Hero, as described in “That Boy, That Girl” by Hadouken! Or fantastic nights out with some of my favourite people in the world dancing like fools to pop punk and ska songs! I don’t know where we got the energy, I certainly couldn’t do it now!

What songs do you have that bring back memories? What blasts from the past have you heard recently and realised you used to love?




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