Review: Mirror Mirror

I’m an absolute sucker for a good fairy tale. If there’s a Princess in peril, a handsome Prince and some kind of happily ever after I am there. Snow White is one of my favourites and this year was a big year for the Princess. Two remakes of her classic story hit our screens within weeks of each other and despite my love for the raven haired beauty I never got round to seeing either of them. So when I was given the opportunity to review Mirror Mirror on DVD for Filmwerk, I jumped at the chance. I can happily say I wasn’t disappointed either.

Mirror Mirror Poster

This film is brilliantly cast and Julia Roberts makes an excellent evil Queen. Lily Collins’ talent as an actress much belies her short career and she manages to make Snow White a strong feisty character to believe in but still retains that innocent, naïve edge that links her so closely to the Snow White we all know and love from the story books. She is certainly beautiful and can even make a weird swan headdress look good but by God, I was desperate to get my hands on those eyebrows. I know strong eyebrows are “in” at the moment but gosh they were a little distracting at first.

There’s enough comedy in Mirror Mirror to keep adults entertained if they’re watching it with their children and a nice nod or two to some pantomime tricks too. I have to admit my favourite part of the film is The Queen’s story telling at the beginning. I found her quick, little asides very amusing. Although Prince Alcott also has a few good lines in it, my favourite being about the Prince saving the Princess, “it’s been focussed grouped, it works!”

There was an excellent use of colour to signify key differences between class groups. With the interior of the castle, the Queen, Prince and Snow White often swathed in vivid, bright shades while the poor townsfolk and the kingdom outside the castle grounds were particularly grey and drab.

It genuinely surprised me how much I enjoyed Mirror Mirror but I was left a bit puzzled and bemused by the big Bollywood musical number at the very end. I thought it was unnecessary and not particularly in keeping with the rest of the tone of the film but I understood the relevance of their union bringing the singing and dancing back to the kingdom.

If you haven’t seen this yet I absolutely implore you to. It’s a good, family friendly, fun way to spend an afternoon in the holidays!




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