Amazing Vintage Accessories At Beyond Retro

I was skimming through my emails and noticed the regular Beyond Retro newsletter had arrived in my inbox. Yay! I thought, especially when I saw the glorious picture of what looks like the world’s tastiest salad at the top.


I’m totally not a salad person right. I like meat and cake and that’s about it. Chicken nuggets for starter, Roast Lamb dinner for main course and cake and custard for dessert and I’m in heaven! But look at this bad boy, yum right? Anyway, once I’d decided I need to go and get one of these delicious looking plates of leaves I mooched on through the email to get to my favourite bit. The staff picks of the new arrivals and I found my new handbag!


1980’s Shoulder Bag. £16

Cute huh? Well, I say my new handbag, I haven’t actually gone to buy it yet but I’m hoping to pop down and pick it up soon. This 1980’s shoulder bag is a mere £16 and totally amazing I think.

Anyway, due to my aforementioned love of cake and non-existent will power I often struggle to find a vintage gem to fit. Doesn’t stop me though and Beyond Retro have a fantastic selection of vintages bags and accessories to fill my needs. Here’s my top three favourite picks of their current stock.

This amazing bakelite cowboy brooch totally appeals to my inner kitsch queen! This retro reproduction badge will add interest to any outfit and is an excellent conversation starter. Plus who can’t fall for his cute red neckerchief?!

Cowboy brooch

Bakelite-esque Cowboy pin. £18.

Another little 1980’s gem here, ideal for the summer now it’s finally arrived!! Here’s hoping it stays around for a little while yet. This gorgeous straw bag has some very cute little blue flowers embroidered onto it. The perfect accompaniment to a summer dress.

1980's straw bag

1980’s straw bag. £20

You’d definitely be making a statement with this gorgeous 1990’s sun hat. It’s a dark olive green wide brimmed sun hat with dried and artificial flowers and grass decorating it. You’ll totally turn heads with this plus green is my favourite colour so I’m going to be biased.

1990's Sun Hat

1990’s Sun Hat. £18

What vintage gems have you dug out? Where do you find your favourite accessory buys?



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