Thinking About Next Season

Nothing compares to the UK high street for clothes shopping. I’m pretty sure we can all agree on that. Leading the way on that high street has to be Topshop. It pains me to say but it’s my favourite. It’s the only shop I can wander around for ages without getting bored and always, always find something I want to buy, especially in the Oxford Street store. Plus, as much as I love the instant gratification you get from going shopping I much prefer to shop on-line, they have a mega website too.


Alongside their mega website go their very tempting email newsletters. The one that tempts me into perusing the website most of all is the weekly Edited round up.

Topshop Edited is a handpicked selection, curated by a different team or person each week, of Topshop’s most exciting new arrivals. This week the selection was curated by Topshop’s Head of Design and the buyer for Boutique, Designers and Unique. So, needless to say it’s an amazing selection and it features an amazing peek at some Unique pieces from the AW12 collection they showed at London Fashion Week.

Anyway, enough with the rambling, I thought I’d share a few of my most coveted pieces…

Quilted Cross Boyfriend Coat by Unique

Quilted Cross Boyfriend Coat by Unique. £250


adore this coat. It looks so comfy and I love anything that looks a bit slouchy you can throw on over anything. Also, every winter for as long as I can remember I’ve bought a coat and I’ve never been happy with it. Maybe, just maybe, this is the answer to all my prayers?!

Knitted Grill Stitch Cardi

Knitted Grill Stitch Cardi. £38


Continuing my love of all things slouchy, I need this cardigan. I already have quite an extensive selection of cardis, they’re my favourite. The bigger the better certainly applies to how I like my cardigans too. The colour and stitch of this one just make it perfect for slinging on over everything from jeans and a tee to a cute summer dress.

Black sequin knicker shorts

Black sequin knicker shorts. £30


I’m an absolute magpie at heart and anything with a bit of glitter or sequins makes me weak at the knees. I think I’m also a bit jealous that I’d never be confident enough to get my legs out in these bad boys!

There we have it. My favourite bits out of this weeks Topshop Edited collection.

What are your favourites?




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