Free Breakfast At Reading And Leeds

Leeds Festival is the highlight of my year and it has been every summer since 2002! Wow, that makes me feel old. I sat and worked it out the other day that I have travelled to Leeds every August Bank Holiday weekend for the past 10 years! For a bout the past four years I’ve sworn I was getting to old for it but just can’t pull myself away. I love it! Even now I live in London, I still make the pilgrimage north rather than switching allegiance to Reading!

Leeds Festival 2012

Not only is Leeds and Reading a festival with an awesome atmosphere it’s also a festival that likes to look after its punters. This year, every weekend festival goer will get a voucher to get a free breakfast bap every morning. It is, after all, the most important meal of the day and you’ll definitely need it to get your strength up for a long day of fun! Each breakfast bap also comes with a free beer or soft drink to wash it down.

breakfast bap

Managing Director of Festival Republic, Melvin Benn explains: “Beer and Burger (B&B) has become Beer and Breakfast Bap (B&BB). Of course it was never intended to be only beer as soft drinks were always going to be on offer and that will remain.

The mechanics are simple. For the food element every weekend ticket holder will receive their food vouchers at the same time as their ticket, with a per day voucher that can be redeemed at specially created “Food for Campers” locations in the campsite, offering either a bacon, sausage or a scrambled egg and mushroom bap. The breakfast bap will be available between 7am and 12 noon Friday, Saturday and Sunday and only the voucher for that specific day can be redeemed. Although no sponsor has come forward to support this in any real way our pals at Heinz have been kind enough to donate enough sauce to make us all very happy!

The beer is even easier! As you walk out of wristband exchange for the first time a team of festival volunteers will be waiting to give every weekend wristband holder a bag with three cans of beer or soft drinks, one for each of the music days. What’s even better is that the bag is a recycling bag, which you can fill with empty cans to get even
more free beer!

It’s on us so I hope you enjoy it!”

What a lovely idea and a lovely guy!

Leeds and Reading 2012 Line Up

Free breakfast, free beer and an incredible line up, what more could you ask for?!



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