East London Collection

All eyes have been on London this month for a rather large sporting event but London has much more to offer than just the Olympics. It’s one of the most stylish cities in the world and Office have noticed the style changes as you move across London. They’ve got spotlights on the north, south, east and west of the city and as it’s East London this week, which is my favourite side of the city… oh, and where I happen to live, I thought I’d share my favourites out of their picks with you.

Shoes and East London eh? two of my favourites rolled into one ūüôā

Office Break of dawn pewter metallic leather

Break of dawn pewter metallic leather £68.

These mid-heel shiny lovelies will go with anything. Look at them! So pretty. Personally I’d wear them with a pair of dark skinny jeans or cigarette pants and let these bad boys do all the talking. They’re the perfect height to take you from a day out shopping to a night on the town with no trouble at all.

Eccentric creeper black microfibre leopard

Eccentric creeper black microfibre leopard. £35

Anything leopard print is OK in my book. It’s my absolute favourite. Plaster it on a pair of shoes and I have to have them. I’ve actually been looking for a pair of creepers recently as I wanted them to toughen up a few skirts I have and I think I’ve found my next purchase. I’m not afraid of clashing prints so will be rocking these with a couple of stripy and spotty skirts and band tees.

Jeffrey Campbell Lita all over spike black leather

Jeffrey Campbell Lita all over spike black leather. £160

Can we just take a moment to stare in wonderment at these beautiful boots please? Swoooooooooon. I actually have a plain black pair of Jeffrey Campbell Litas and they are so comfortable despite being ridiculously high. The concealed 5cm platform makes these 13cm high heels only actually 8cm and a lot more manageable than they appear. I love how fierce these look. There is a spiked version that just covers the heel but I love the pinhead-ness of these. They also come in white but I think the spikes are more noticeable on the black. Talk about a statement shoe!

Which are your favourites? What do you think epitomises the style of East London or where you live? What place provides you with your style crush?



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