Radio Silence

Sorry for the radio silence recently. This past week has been possibly the most hectic of my life so far and as much as I wanted to blog, eating and sleeping came first. Please forgive me.

So, I went back to Liverpool for a few days to catch up with friends and family. Which was lovely. I went for Gospel Brunch and Cocktails on Sunday with my best friend at Alma De Cuba. It was pretty awesome.

Alma De Cuba


I also saw my lovely cousin Elisa marry her very best friend Darren. It was a fabulous day and the bride was fantastically happy. Needless to say, I cried a few times during the day but they were definitely happy tears.

elisa and darren



I was back in work on Thursday after my whirlwind trip back home and things were hectic. Looks like this place can’t function too well without me!

The OH had  been away on the south coast all last week too so he came back on Saturday evening and I made the trip over to Hemel Hempstead to meet him on his return and spend some time with his family and friends before we finally came back to London last night.

Like I say, hectic times.

I promise I’ll get back on track as soon as I can although it will be a quiet weekend as I’ll be at Leeds Festival but I’ll make up for it on my return.





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