Shoes, Glorious Shoes!

As I mentioned the other day, I have been scouring the internet for inspiration recently. That, combined with Sunday night boredom and where I was collapsed on the sofa with my iPad being within easy reach of my purse I ended up buying some new shoes.

I love shoes

From Deviant Art

I can’t help it! I love them. I know I have far too many, yet I still don’t have enough!

I managed to rationalise my love of shoes to a male former colleague a little while ago with a statement that came out of nowhere. He questioned why women loved shoes so much and I replied with, “I can’t answer for all women but I’m sure my obsession with them began because my weight fluctuates. I can’t always fit in the clothes I would like to, but my shoes never give up on me.” I surprised myself, I never thought about my answer, it was just like it sprang forth from my subconscious.

Whether it’s true or not is still up for debate, maybe it’s just as simple as “I LOVE SHOES!” Either way, that bored Sunday evening found me meandering my way to Missguided. I was overwhelmed by choice at brilliant prices, and I don’t just mean on footwear! Plus when I ordered there was free next day delivery, I just couldn’t refuse!

I could have easily emptied my bank account on their fine wares, but (as I am having a particularly fat time at the moment) I stuck to shoes. Again, I could have happily snapped up four or five pairs without a second glance but I was very restrained and just bought the one – some white and gold hi tops.

Allexa Wedge Hi Top Trainers

Allexa Wedge Hi Top Trainers. £32.99

For the paltry sum of £32.99 I purchased the most comfortable heels in the world! (In my opinion.)

They are quite a lot higher than I expected them to be but that just makes how I feel about how comfortable they are even more thrilling. They successfully passed the trekking to the station test, the sprint and dodge to reach my platform test and the catwalk strut the length of the train test. Not only that but even after a full day at work and numerous tea runs later they were still as comfy as when I first put them on. Impressive.

They also collected me a fair few compliments in and around the office!

Now, I’m not suggesting you all go out and grab yourself a pair. I mean, you don’t all need white and gold shoes and I like standing out! However, they do also do them in black and stone so they should probably be your first choices 😉

What do you do to ease Sunday night boredom? What did you last buy that surpassed your expectations? What other stores do I need to hit up on a Sunday evening?




7 thoughts on “Shoes, Glorious Shoes!

  1. I love them they are amazing! I am becoming addicted to the sneaker wedge trend. I recently bought myself a beige coloured pair which have parts of gold glitter on them definitely a way to stand out and have an edge!

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