Festival Flu

I am feeling very sorry for myself today. I was at the rather brilliant Leeds Festival this weekend and have come home with a pretty big dose of the Festival Flu. Otherwise known as a cold from being in changeable weather and sleeping on the floor (on an airbed in a tent) for four nights!

Sick Girl

I wish I was in bed!

As I’m only in work for two days this week, (I’m off on a lovely break with the OH on Thursday and Friday) I couldn’t stay in bed all day wallowing, as much as I would like to. I had things to do sadly.

I’m not normally a snorer, I’m much more of a sleep talker. However last night, I was snoring like a pig so much the OH left me and went and slept in our spare bedroom! How embarrassing!

Anyway, I’m wallowing in self pity today and wishing myself back in bed with some soup and rubbish daytime TV!

What’s your favourite way to wallow when you’re poorly? What did you do over the bank holiday weekend? What are your tried and tested cold and flu remedies for me to try?




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