New Video: Blood Red Shoes – In Time To Voices

I’ve been a fan of Blood Red Shoes for some years now. I remember catching them supporting someone a few years ago and being blown away by them. So much so that I can’t even remember who they were supporting! I’ve seen them at Leeds Festival a couple of times too and they never disappoint.

Blood Red Shoes Their awesome new single, In Time To Voices, was released on Monday and has an awesome video to go with it. A seedy bar back-room is the setting for Laura-Mary Carter (vocalist and guitarist) to take on Craig Lee (the eleventh most successful body builder in the UK) in an arm wrestling match! It’s so awesome, it’s like a Craig Murray directed mini film. The song’s pretty mega too!

This lovely duo are hitting the road with another favourite of mine, The Gaslight Anthem, in October. If you’re going you should definitely get down there early to catch them.

What do you think? Are you a Blood Red Shoes fan? What new videos should I be looking at?




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