New Video: Scholars – Blinda Data

I have a pretty good grasp of the OH’s taste in music. I know what he likes and am good at suggesting new bands to him that I know he’ll like (even if I do say so myself.) However, this isn’t often reciprocated. So when he suggested a band to me, I was a bit taken aback and almost dismissive but once I saw this video I knew he was right.

This posturing bunch of rockstars is Scholars. They’re pretty awesome and very much not the bunch of ego-centric wannabes they play in this video. This is the boys at their self-deprecating best and is very much full of their sense of humour.

In fact, vocalist, Sam Nicholls, explains his inspiration behind the song: “I think having watched a few sappy films over the years, I’d got it into my head that ‘the one’ was out there waiting for me. So I’d gone into every relationship with these ridiculously high expectations that no-one was ever going to live up to. Blinda Data is me poking fun at myself for being so shallow and ego-centric. Almost like something from an advice column, only directed at myself… and actually written by me”. 

ScholarsI’m really excited for their Larry Hibbert (Hundred Reasons) produced début album to coming winging its way towards us in February 2013. In the mean time catch them on tour soon!

15 Southsea Festival
17 Guildford The Star
19 Kingston Bacchus
20 Sunderland Bar One
21 Hartlepool The Studio
22 Bideford Palladium
27 Southampton Avondale House
28 Ramsgate Red Arrows Club

What do you think? Loving Scholars as much as me? Have any bands you think I should be checking out?




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