West End Goes East For Vogue Fashion Night Out

I’m really excited for Thursday night because it is Vogue Fashion’s Night Out and the wonderful Beyond Retro are having an East meets West clash!

Beyond Retro The West End Goes EastBeyond Retro are transforming their Soho shop into a Harajuku dream world complete with karaoke, sushi and a vintage kimono collection stretching back over 100 years!

What a way to kick off London Fashion Week eh? I’ll certainly be toddling along with a pocketful of cash because they will be launching their Japanese inspired Rainbow Grunge collection that night too. I’m looking forward to bright colours, cartoon print motifs and cuddly backpacks to catapult me right back into my ’90s era style!

A funky new collection, karaoke from Lucky Voice, complimentary drinks and Japan’s most delicious culinary export, sushi from Tsuri & Tonkotsu restaurants what more could a girl need? I know the OH will be keen to join me too as it has piqued his interest due to his love of all things Japanese.

What are you doing for Vogue Fashion’s Night Out? What do you think of Japanese inspired fashion? What’s your karaoke classic?



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