Poor Example Has A Big Foot

Obviously, I don’t mean an actual big foot, I mean his foot and leg has been put in a moon boot for the next 2 weeks or so. The rapper, that we all know I’m a fan of, has been diagnosed with severe tendonitis of the achilles and calf muscles and been told to rest by doctors meaning he has had to cancel ten days of promo for his upcoming single, Say Nothing.

Example's Foot

He tweeted the picture above and explained to his fans.  “Have had to cancel a few gigs over the next few weeks. I can barely walk”, “I wish I could do my shows sat on a throne like Jessie J did but hey- Nobody’s Perfect”, “My shows rely on a lot of energy and bouncing around like a lunatic which I can’t do at the moment. Doctors have told me to rest” “I realise there’s going to be a lot of disappointed fans but if I don’t rest up now I could do even more damage and have to cancel more gigs which I don’t want to do.”

He schedule has been pretty relentless recently with 48 gigs and 57 flights this summer alone! The man needs a holiday not just bed rest on doctor’s orders!!

I’m sending you lots of get well soon wishes Example!




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