Friday Favourites

The weekend is almost here and it’s time for me to reflect on the things that have made me smile this week. So here goes:

#     The OH and I went on a short break and found an entire shop of pick and mix. We got a little over excited and bought nearly 1kg worth of sweets! There is still some in the fridge waiting to be eaten a week on!

pick n mix!

#     We hired a car for our trip away, a super cute Fiat 500 that we named “Littlecar”. The best part of this meant my huge book of old cds got dragged out and our road trip was sound-tracked by a random selection of tunes!

#     You know I love Missguided anyway but my word their Hunks Galore Pinterest Board really brightens my day!

#    My hot water bottle collection has made this week easier, stupid stomach pains!

#     I love making lists, especially wishlists like my Amazon one! How did it get to 700 items?!

#    I recently dug out my Jack’s Mannequin Macbeth Matthews  and had forgotten just how comfy they are. I’d also forgotten how much I love this man and his music, this is one of my favourites.

#    My new skates arrived on Wednesday. Time to get in some practice!

#     Finally, a cute video – Mango Loves Milkshake. Awwww.

What has made you smile this week? What are you thankful for? Anything I’m missing?




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