New Video: Tyler James – Single Tear

I’ve been feeling really sorry for myself again today, I’m getting a lot of pain from my wisdom teeth. One of them has decided it’s on the move and my word, I think it’s fighting with my face!

Wisdom Teeth Pain

I know I’ve done a lot of music posts recently but there’s so many good new videos around I can’t not share them with you! So here we go with another.

I really enjoyed The Voice while it was on, but really I love most reality-ish, talent type shows (do The Great British Bake Off and Dragon’s Den fall into the category? I love them the most.) My favourite part was the spinny chairs and I still really want one, especially to play with when the OH is suggesting what too have for tea! I also loved Tom Jones’ name dropping and Will.I.Am’s, well, Will.I.Am-ness really.

Tyler James was definitely one of my favourite contestants though, if not my actual favourite. So I was really pleased when I saw the video for his first single off his new album.

Tyler James Tyler says of Single Tear:  “It came out of nowhere. It’s an emotional song, I think I’ve poured the last year into it, it’s the culmination of the most intense, life changing year of my life.”

 “It’s what I love doing. Writing songs, touring forever, it’s all I’ve ever wanted.  So much has happened to me and I was never in the right place to write it down, write songs about it.  Now everything is pouring out of me.  Sometimes songs develop over long periods, other times they just come to me, but I love the craft.”

Well I’m glad he is now because I love this!

Single Tear is released on October 14th and Tyler is on tour in November.

London O2 Shepherds Bush Empire – Wednesday 21st November – – 0844 477 2000
Manchester Academy 3 – Sunday 18th November – 0161 832 1111
Birmingham Glee Club – Monday 19th November – 0844 811 0051
Tickets are available from


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