Punky Pins Goes Kawaii

I’m a massive fan of Punky Pins cute, kitsch and quirky accessories. I love to wear a plain outfit and jazz it up with funky accessories. It’s a nice way to dress an outfit up or down depending on the situation.

Punky Pins

Now they’ve released 7 super awesome kawaii designs that I am really excited by. I can’t decide if the octopus or narwhal   necklace is my favourite, they are both so cute.

Octopus necklaceNarwhal Necklace

With prices ranging from £5 to £12 I might be tempted to collect all of them. While I decide which of these I like the best I think I’m going to get this glittery bow necklace.

Glittery Bow Neclace

How super cute is this? There’s a ring to match too. I need them in my life. The chunky, glittery, cuteness is also too much for me to take. I’m a complete and utter magpie and need them in my life!

What’s your favourite piece? Do you prefer the octopus or the narwhal? Or is the mermaid your favourite?




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