Friday Favourites

Yep, it’s that time again. I swear these are coming around faster and faster. Not that I’m complaining, I’d like to point out!! I wasn’t entirely sure I had mush to say in this week’s Friday Favourites because I haven’t really been able to smile much due to my wisdom teeth! I am very pleased to say I’m not taking painkillers any more and my mouth is starting to feel better.  Woo hoo! So, enough about my mouth, this weeks smile makers have been…

#     Discovering that this USB typewriter exists in the world! Oh em gee!

#     Eley Kishimoto’s fox tights are the most ridiculously priced tights I’ve ever seen, yet some how I really want them!

#     This week’s The Great British Bake Off was pie week. Oh my word I love pies!

#     The OH and I went to the Damien Hirst exhibition in the Tate Modern last Saturday. I wanted to stay in the butterfly room forever. It was gorgeous. I was totally freaked out by the sharks though!

#     Discovering the wondrous delights of Anna Mae’s Southern Street Food on the Southbank. May I recommend The Kanye Western – Mac and cheese with hotdogs and barbecue  sauce. SO tasty!

#     I desperately want this Drink More Gin print (along with pretty much everything else) from How Kapow!

Drink More Gin From How Kapow

And that, I think, rounds this week up. No cute animals or music video from me this Friday. They just haven’t caught my imagination. Ah well, I’m sure this will be remedied next week.

What has made you smile this week? What old things have you seen hacked and upgraded for a new generation? What cute animal videos have I missed out on?



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