Jeffrey Campbell Comes To Motel

I adore Jeffrey Campbell shoes. There we go I’m putting that out there right from the beginning. I drool over them on an almost daily basis and if there were a fire in my house the first thing I’d save is my Lita’s… then maybe my iPad if there was time. (I am of course assuming that the OH had got out safely!) But anyway, whenever it gets to pay-day, I always get a little twinge at the back of my head that says; “you don’t need to put money away to buy your flat or pay for your wedding, these shoes need you!”  So far I have managed to come to my senses every time, but I do find myself wavering.

Jeffrey Campbell Logo

I can hear them calling to me, I can feel them pulling me towards them, they need me to look after them and cherish them they way they deserve to be. It never used to be that bad, if I could feel the JC twinge I could avoid Office or Nasty Gal until I had it under control but now they’ve hit Motel and I feel like they know I’ve been trying to avoid them so they’ve started to follow me!


I must peruse Motel at least twice a week. I love it. So to discover that they now stock Jeffrey Campbell’s too I don’t know how I’ll cope. I’ve already chosen three pairs I want. (Unintentionally three too, three really must be the magic number!) Here they are, in no particular order because they’re all bloody amazing!


Jeffrey Campbell Foxy Platform In Multi Glitter. £115

If you’ve read this before or know me even just a little, you’ll know I’m a massive magpie. I can be stood having a conversation with someone and if something shiny catches my eye, it’s over. I’m really very sorry and I don’t mean to be rude but a shiny something just derails my train of thought and I can’t keep focussed. So it’s no wonder these beauties caught my eye. I’d feel like the belle of ball in these and with them being glitter and wood they would go with any colour outfit at all. Just think how cheap the cost pair wear would work out to be!


Jeffrey Campbell Holy Stud Cross Platform Boot In Black. £180

I just want to point out first off these killer heels are a ginormous 11 inches high! They are definitely not one for those that like to blend in. I’d be able to see for miles from way up there! I really love the gravity defying no heel style of these boots and have been assured that they are actually very comfortable and quite easy to walk in. The studded cross detail on the back toughens them up and would add a hint of Gaga to any ensemble! I’d definitely keep it quite subdued and let my feet do all the talking.


Jeffrey Campbell Skull Lita Platform Boot. £185

Last but by no means least are this fierce pair. As I already mentioned I love Litas; they’re comfortable, easy to walk in and absolutely gorgeous. These are no exception. I think it’s the part of me that wants to be a pirate that has a bit of an affinity with all things skully and what a mega pirate I would make in these!  There’s are sky-rocketing straight to the top of my birthday/Christmas list this year I think, even if they end up being a gift to myself! I deserve it, no? I know I said before that these where in no particular order but I think I’ve just decided these are my number 1.

If you do decide that any of these Jeffrey Campbell shoes are just what you’re looking for or, in fact, if you want anything else from Motel why not tell them I sent you and get 20% off your order. Just use lojovstheworld as your promo code to claim your discount.

Motel Street Team Banner

Which JCs are your favourite? Do you think I should get the Skull Litas first? What other shoes are you lusting over?



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