Friday Favourites

When I got up yesterday morning, I was totally convinced, absolutely certain, it was Friday. So you can imagine my sheer disappointment when I came to the discovery that it actually was, in fact, only Thursday. I was so looking forward to having a long lie in this morning, only to have that thought ripped from me and postponed another day.

However, today is Friday, definitely… I’ve checked… three times! So I can safely say it is time for Friday Favourites without a shadow of a doubt! This week the things that have been all good and exciting are…

#     I spent my Friday evening in the brilliant Mayor Of Scaredy Cat Town with the OH catching up with Stef and Kat. I few cocktails were imbibed and a giggle was had.

#     I reignited my passion for dinosaurs and shiny rocks at the Natural History Museum, that was lots of fun. I also went to see the inside out animals and, even now, I’m not 100% sure how I feel about them.

#     The wonderfully brilliant Downton Abbey returned to our TV screens. That’s my Sunday nights sorted for the foreseeable future.

#     I rediscovered my love of Frosties. They really are grrrrreat! (I’m so sorry I did that!)

#     My mum sent me the link to this video of Rita Hayworth dancing to Stayin’ Alive. It’s my favourite!

#     I’ve fallen in love with pretty much everything Hannah Zakari has to offer. Especially the art prints. I’m going to run out of wall space in the flat soon.

#     Speaking of the flat I’m pretty much obsessed with everything at Rockett St George. Literally everything. I think these pretty floral deer might make their way to my kitchen wall soon.

Vintage Floral Deer Wall Stickers by Les Invasions Ephémères was £39.95 now £29

Vintage Floral Deer Wall Stickers by Les Invasions Ephémères. £29

So yeah, there we go. Big, smiley Laura today. What has made you smile this week? What’s cheered you up?




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