Bags Bags Bags!

I really struggle finding a suitable everyday handbag. I need one big enough to house all the ridiculous stuff I think I need on a daily basis, plus my iPad. I’m definitely not one of those girls that changes her bag to match her outfit on a daily basis. I mean I’ll take a different bag if I’m going out but with the amount of stuff I tend to carry around with me, swapping and changing bags is more hassle than it’s worth! I’ve been dragging my stuff around for the past few months in a pale blue backpack from Primark until the straps snapped on me and since then I’ve been using an ancient drawstring top, leopard print affair from Urban Outfitters that I found in the back of the wardrobe when I went back to my parents house.

Accessorize Logo

This weekend though, I went into Accessorize for the first time in months. I was actually shopping for a birthday present but found myself drawn to the bags. There was one I’d seen in a few features online that I had in the back of my head as a safety bag if I couldn’t find one I really, really loved. Don’t get me wrong the Mari Tote is lovely, it’s a brilliant size and comes in about four different colours. I’d decided I wanted it in dark blue from the photos on line but when I went into the shop on Sunday I knew it had to be the green one.

Mari Tote

Mari Tote. £38

I love green, and I often forget that it is actually my favourite colour until times like now. I know, how can I forget what my favourite colour is? But think about it, don’t you have favourite colours for different things? So when you have to narrow it down to just one it’s difficult sometimes. It’s also, probably, a question you haven’t been asked since you were a child and so haven’t had to think about it. Anyway, I was pretty settled that this would be the bag I’d come back and get until I looked past the display in the middle of the room and towards the wall behind it.

Dr Sarah Stag Bag

Dr Sarah Stag Bag. £45.

My eye fell upon this lovely doctors bag and I was in love. Another green bag (I know the one in the picture is black, I saw it first in green), this time with the added loveliness of a silver stag’s head. What more could a girl want? There is also a really pretty similar bag in taupe but, as I’d just decided green was the colour I was after. It was still big enough to hold everything I needed and wasn’t quite as big as the Mari Tote. However, my roving eye soon fell upon another.

Bunnies Doctor Bag

Bunnies Doctor Bag. £38

This awesome doctors bag was tucked away under a table but once I’d laid my eyes upon it was quickly in my arms. It’s a bit bigger than the Dr Sarah but it is covered in little rabbits! The frame feels really sturdy and it would definitely go with everything and make a statement at the same time. I think I’m finally settled that this is the one I’m going to buy. I know it’s not green but it does have bunnies on it!

I’m really impressed with Accessorize’s selection of bags at the moment and they’ve proved really helpful in my new handbag search! Another couple, that don’t exactly fall into my search but I thought were really cute too, were this Fox Holdall and this cute Owl Cross Body Bag.

Fox Holdall

Fox Holdall. £40

Yenzi Owl Across Body

Yenzi Owl Across Body. £25

Do you have trouble finding an everyday handbag? Are you a switch you bag to match each outfit person? What do you think of Accessorize’s new selection?



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