Friday Favourites

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you’ve had a good week and are looking forward to a nice weekend. Here’s the best things that have happened to me this week…

#     I finally have a phone again! After 3 weeks of form filling and chasing phone calls my insurance company has finally replaced my lost phone.

#     I passed my 3 month probation period at work and I’m happier in this job than I have been for a while.

#     I rediscovered how much I love (500)Days Of Summer.

#     My OH emailed this brilliant Joseph Gordon Levitt gif on Tuesday and I keep going back to it to cheer me up in work.

#     Upon This Dawning have covered Call Me Maybe for the new Punk Goes Pop album

#     Stu who writes at Not So Lonely Londoners invented a name for the genre of films I’ve been watching a lot of lately.

#     I’ve become obsessed with jam syringes and am now adamant I need one in my life so I can make home-made donuts, despite the fact I don’t have a deep fat fryer.


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