Hello Holiday

I just wanted to share with you the cutest little online shop I’ve come across this week. It’s called Hello Holiday and is based in Omaha. Nebraska. Don’t let that put you off though, because they do ship internationally and they do it reasonably too.

Hello Holiday

Is this the cutest logo ever?

I was first drawn in when someone on Twitter posted a link to a dress on the site to get an opinion on whether they should buy it or not. My immediate reaction was yes, it was an adorable dress, and my interest was piqued. I had to investigate what other delights may live on this site. They sell loads of gorgeous original pieces, pieces by emerging designers and pretty vintage finds. Not only are they full of gorgeousness for sale, the masterminds behind this venture are ace. Megan and Sarah are pretty gorgeous and based solely on what is on their About Us page I have decided I am immediately moving to Nebraska and joining their gang.

Anyway, you didn’t think I’d tell you about a wonderful new shop without sharing my favourite bits did you?

Holly Home Maker Comic Book Dress

Holly Home Maker Comic Book Dress. $97.99

There are pretty much no words for how amazingly awesome this dress is. I totally need it in my life. The open back makes it just that little bit sexy and I WANT IT NOW!

Tartan Teaches Typing Skirt

Tartan Teaches Typing Skirt. On Sale $29.99

Speaking of sexy look at this skirt!  I don’t even work in an office that requires my to wear smart office wear but I can totally see myself sashaying around the desks in this beauty.

Gimme Shelter Sweater Cape

Gimme Shelter Sweater Cape. $68

You know I love a cozy jumper and I’m really excited now Autumn has arrived so I can dig out mine but I think I’d definitely swap them all for this knitted cape.  It’s just screaming for me to wear it, curled up with a cup of tea and some crumpets in front of the tv!

Double Trouble Coat

Double Trouble Coat. $104.99

It’s not just gorgeous clothes on Hello Holiday, oh no, they do amazing outerwear as well. With these cold winter days closing in the Double Trouble wool blend coat is the cutest way to fend off frostbite I’ve ever seen!

Leopard L'amour Wedges

Leopard L’amour Wedges. $144.99

Make something leopard print and I love it so there was no way I wasn’t going to show you these awesome wedges. I don’t even really like wedges but these are so pretty! What with the big yellow bow and the peep toe. Gah! Lovelovelove them!

Margot Wave Purse

Margot Wave Purse. $66

This bag is the epitome of cuteness and, I have decided, will go with everything in my wardrobe so it needs to be mine. That’s the end of this story.

I’m With the Band Pin

I’m With the Band Pin. $7.99

Finally, they do really cute jewellery too. Like this band pin that I love. It would make me feel like a member of the marching band in an american high school, and who wouldn’t want to feel like that? I always wanted to have a band kid uniform. I never really wanted to be a cheerleader. I guess it appeals to the geeky side of me, or maybe I just wanted to be plucked from the marching band given a good blow dry and a pair of contact lenses and had my life turned around… you know, a bit like She’s All That!

Anyway, the amount of times I’ve written gorgeous and cute in this post is absolutely ridiculous and I sincerely apologise for that but I couldn’t help it! Everything on the website makes me want to go “Squeeeee”.

What do you think of Hello Holiday? Do you mind shopping from US online stores? What do you like from there?



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