Friday Favourites

This week seems to have gone on forever and last weekend seems a lifetime ago. So let’s see if I can wrack my brains hard enough to remember my favourite things from this week.

#     The birthday cake I made at the weekend turned out well.

#     We went for a gorgeous meal at Rivington Grill and I had gin jelly and ice cream for dessert!

#     I had a very successful trip to Ikea and we now have storage in pour living room and things aren’t piled on the floor anymore!

#     I think people dressing up their dogs is weird.

#     But if you put a kitten in a cape and play dubstep over the top it’s ok.

#     There’s only 81 sleeps to Christmas and I’ve already started my shopping.

#     Finally, Autumn is officially here so it’s comfy boots and snuggly jumpers all round 🙂

Not a bad week all in all. What made you smile? What was the highlight of your week?



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