Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

I promised you a non-music related post and here I am to give it to you. Don’t say I don’t fulfil my promises!

I have an absolute obsession with nail varnish. I think my nail varnish obsession began when I actually grew some nails. I was a biter as a kid and they were horrible, not as bad as some of the gnarled stumps I’ve seen on other biters, but gross all the same. I love the stuff despite the fact that, without fail, it ends up everywhere. All over my hands, never mind just my fingernails. I think I’m too impatient really for it and that’s why my nails are usually smudged and/or chipped. After years of fruitless, painstaking time and effort I’ve come to grips with it and have learnt to deal with that being my “look” shall we say. It’s like I’d love to be one of those people that can knock fantastic nail art up at home in 20 minutes but I’m resigned to the fact I never will be and those beautiful nails will forever be something I admire on others.

However, I do love a slick of nail varnish and I think I have found the most perfect selection that will compliment my slightly grungy, rocky look perfectly (I’m a scruff really ok, I admit it!) It comes from those wonderfully creative people at Models Own and is far cooler than a slick of plain old colour. In fact they’re an oil slick of colour!

Models Own Beetle Juice Collection

Aren’t they ace? This is the Beetlejuice Collection. Well, most of it. The whole Beetlejuice collection actually has nine shades in it. You can consider this a best of selection and you can buy them in a box set. It features six of the most awesome two tone colours I’ve ever seen. They are, from left to right, Indian Ocean, Copper Pot, Tropical Sun, Pinky Brown, Aqua Violet and Hayley’s Comet. Hayley’s Comet and Indian Ocean are my favourites and I absolutely cannot wait to get my sticky little paws on them. The other three colours that also fall under the Beetlejuice banner are: Golden Green, Purple Blue and Emerald Black. I’ll definitely also be needing the Emerald Black to add to this little collection.

So, pretty no? What trends will you be trying on your nails this AW12? What other colours should I try?




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