Friday Favourites

Yay! It’s finally Friday again. This week seems to stretched out forever and the weekend feels like an incredibly long time ago but it’s here again now. Despite taking it’s time this week has been a good one. The things that were particularly ace were:

#     I went back to the homeland of Liverpool this weekend. It was lovely to see my parents, have a cuddle with my dog and most of all see my lovely Hannah.

#     While in Liverpool we also found a wedding venue so yay! That means the wedding planning can go on the back burner until next year now.

#     It was a week of catch ups as I also got to see my other best friend, Stef, on Monday. It was lovely to have some drinks and find out everything that was going on in her world.

#     I also went to see the mega Straight Lines in Camden on Monday night too.

#     I mentioned last week I won a couple of competitions. My prizes arrived this week which was very exciting. Getting things in the post is fun, especially when it’s amazing parcels.

#     I saw these gorgeous personalised teaspoons from The Cutlery Commission at Not on the High Street that would make really lovely presents for teabodies like myself.

Personalised Nine Words Silver Plated Spoon

Personalised Nine Words Silver Plated Spoon. £16

#     Finally, the OH just brought me a Krispy Kreme Caramel Butterscotch doughnut home! Woo. (Diet starts Monday!)

What made you smile this week? What are you excited about this week?



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