Friday Favourites

Woohoo! It’s Friday. I’ve been quite quiet this week due to work being absolutely manic! So there’s been quite a few small things that have kept my spirits up this week. Here goes…

#     I got a chance for an all too brief catch up with the very lovely Annie Bean. She has a pretty mega blog and is like my life counsellor. She’s ace!

#     I went out for an ace Sunday Roast on well… Sunday. A few hours were spent in The Owl and Pussycat in Shoreditch with my friends Kat and Stef and as bottle of wine or two imbibed, it was nice. Then it was on to The Diner on Curtain road for banoffee pie (for Kat and Stef) and pecan pie (for me!)

#     I found out I was going to Relentless Freeze Festival this weekend.

#     I also discovered the The Cambridge Satchel Company now make trunks too! Now not only do I need a gorgeous pink 14″ flouro satchel I also need a yellow steamer trunk too! Swoon.

Yellow Steamer Trunk from Cambridge Satchel Company#     I rekindled my love of grilled halloumi cheese last night.

#     I have been wearing new socks this week. Nothing beats that feeling of putting on a pair of new socks for the first time! I love it!

#     I made a birthday cake for a work colleague and it went down well. I got lots of compliments on my baking.

#     Also, I’ve been listening to a lot of The Bluetones and Busted this week too which has made me happy.

So there we have it. The little things that made me smile this week. How about you? What made you smile?



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