Friday Favourites

I missed out on doing this post last week and I didn’t even realise until Sunday! The weeks just seem to be zooming by at the moment, at an alarming rate. Does this mean I’m getting old? I’m sure I used to remember my mum saying things like this when I was younger. Anyway, I’m going to amalgamate a couple of weeks into this post. Here goes…

#     I’ve made a good start on my Christmas shopping but I still don’t have any decorations, cards or wrapping paper.

#     We’ve booked a DJ for the wedding. It’s very exciting even though it’s ages away yet. We have to have a musical consultation with him some time apparently.

#     I’ve started knitting again and have nearly completed a scarf. Yeah, I can only knit in straight lines at the moment but it’s a start! By next Christmas you’ll be queuing up for my Christmas Jumpers!

#     I went to see Nicki Minaj. It was possibly the most surreal evening of my life. I was surrounded by chubby white boys with no rhythm attempting to booty bounce.

#     I now have pale pink hair. I like it although I think I’d like it to be a bit more pink.

#     The Urban Outfitters Winter Catalogue arrived on my doorstep (well, my post box under the stairs. I live in a block of flats) yesterday and I need pretty much everything in it. Particularly this jumper…

Cooperative Polar Bear Pullover Sweater

Cooperative Polar Bear Pullover Sweater. £45

#     I also love everything in their home and gifts section too. I love that their Christmas part is called Ho Ho Home. I’m trying to work out where in my house a neon pink skull lamp will fit!

Neon Pink Skull Lamp

Neon Pink Skull Lamp. £40

So yeah, that’s it. I could write an entire Christmas list from UO but I think that’s a whole different post entirely. What made you smaile? What do you want for Christmas?



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