Back To The 90s – Grunge

As I’m currently sporting pale pink, washed out hair that is fairly reminiscent of the 90s, I thought I’d embrace the grunge. Now I was just a littleun in the 90s, making all those ridiculous fashion faux pas that you do in your early teens and I never managed to develop a grunge look for myself. I was far too busy channelling Cher from Clueless!

Now it’s back though and it incorporates a lot of my favourite things… plaid, denim, chunky soles… so I thought I’d share a round up of the things that have caught my eye and that I may be forced to spend the money I should be using on other peoples’ Christmas presents on!

First up I’ll start with my favourite thing – shoes!


About Stud Lace Up Boots. £88. Topshop

I really, really love boots. Especially flat black boots that can be worn with everything! These are just perfect. They’d look brilliant with a pair of skinny jeans or leggings but equally toughening up a girly, floral dress. These boots and a leather jacket and I’m done!

ASOS Mismatch Cross Earrings

ASOS Mismatch Cross Earrings. £6

Crosses are a really popular motif when it comes to this trend and these earrings are super cute as well as being a good nod to grunge without being OTT. I love mismatched earrings anyway. That’s probably because I have 5 holes in my ears so pairs don’t always work so well.

Liberty - Grunge Maxi

Liberty – Grunge Maxi. £154. Wildfox Couture

Doing grunge well is the art of looking like you’ve just thrown anything on and it still looking great. This dress will take any heartache and confusion about what to wear to nail this look immediately. Pair it with a long sleeved T-shirt and an over sized army jacket and you’re done. Winner all round.

I could go on but you know I like to stick to 3 items in these things. I think it’s because I worry you’ll get bored otherwise. I do have a tendency to ramble if I’m not reigned in.

What do you think? You grunging it up this winter? Or is this look totally not for you?



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