I NEED these shoes

I was doing a bit of early morning internet window shopping, getting a few Christmas present ideas and the like and found myself wandering on over to Missguided. Clearly I’d given up on other people and was looking for Christmas presents for me instead now. Selfish, I know, but if I don’t know what I want how will other people eh?

Anyway, I stumbled across these bad boys and they need to be added to my shoe collection pronto!

Sydnie Peace And Love Slipper Shoes

Sydnie Peace And Love Slipper Shoes. £19.99

How cute are they? I pretty much live in flat black pumps (although I’ve moved on to flat black boots at the moment) because they go with everything and are so easy to just throw on. I love that these are a little bit different though and the gold embroidery is wicked. They’re clearly super popular because they only have sizes 7 and 8 left. Luckily I’m a 7 so all is well there.

They shall indeed be my next payday purchase I think. Maybe I should make that a monthly feature? What do you think?

Anyway, I’m off to think through all the outfits I can make from my wardrobe to go with my soon to be new shoes 🙂



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