Twit-Twoo – At Home With The Owls

The OH and I moved into our new flat in March. It was brand spanking new and everywhere was white. It was the first time we’d properly lived together where all our stuff wasn’t crammed into one room and we soon realised that although we have ridiculous amounts of “stuff”, none of it was particularly cohesive and we certainly couldn’t decorate an entire flat with it.

So much stuff

Some of our stuff packed to leave the old flat!

So, slowly we have been decorating and gathering things to make the flat our home. I stress on the slowly. Interior decorating is expensive! One of the things the OH and I share a love for is owls. They’re just so cute and, lucky for us, appear to be quite on trend at the moment. (Hopefully flamingos will be next because I bloody love them too!)

So I was mooching around the interwebs the other day, looking for pretty things to break up the stacks of book in my new living room bookcase and stumbled across these little wooden owls. How cute?

Walnut Owls

Walnut Owls. £25 each. How Kapow.

They are hand-turned from sustainably sourced walnut-wood in Bath by local designer, Matt Pugh, and I need the three of them to live together on my shelf. I couldn’t separate them or choose one that I preferred over the others. My living room colour scheme just happens to be black, white and red too so they’d sit perfectly amongst it.

How long has it taken you to get your place just right? Where else can I find cute homeware? Can I have everything on How Kapow please?



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