Friday Favourites

It’s taken me a while to get a chance to do this today. I don’t know where the time seems to be going! Oh gosh, I sound old. Moving on… this week’s round of smiles…

#     It’s only 39 sleeps to Christmas now and I have just ordered a Christmas tree. Hopefully I’ll get to go Christmas decoration shopping this weekend too.

#     I have to buy Christmas cards to send this year, now we’re engaged and being grown ups I feel we should send our own. This isn’t too exciting but having to buy new pens to write them is! I love stationery.

#     Yesterday I was informed that kitten cam exists. Yes this is a live stream to 4 super cute little kittens. You will never be grumpy again with these in your life.

#     I have hot water again. My boiler broke on Monday and I had no heating or hot water until Wednesday. I will never take hot water for granted again!

#     My new blog design is finished (wooo!) and I’ll be moving over to that and soon 🙂

#     My dad has been so worried about me having no water he keeps ringing me. I’ve not spoken to him so much since we lived in the same house. It’s nice.

#     Despite not having any Christmas decorations to put up yet Hannah has been sending my pictures of her tree and snowglobes to keep me feeling festive.

Hannah's Christmas Tree

Hannah’s Christmas Tree

#     I’ve also found this sweatshirt in Topshop and I really want it!


Kapow! Sweat. £28. Topshop

So yeah, that’s what made me smile this week. What about you? Good things happening?

Kisses Lojo

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