Just My Type

I’m not sure if it’s because I studied and work in communications and content…. writing basically but I love typography. I’m really drawn to art with words in and I’m even getting my dad to make me a huge red L & T as part of my wedding decor. So recently I was browsing on Etsy, looking for a Christmas present for my very best bezzie and I got a bit distracted, as I tend to do so very often and found myself coveting a couple of things for myself.

Vintage Typewriter Turquoise Blue Smith Corona Corsair DeLuxe Manual Baby Blue Typewriter

Vintage Typewriter Turquoise Blue Smith Corona Corsair DeLuxe Manual. $170. Etsy

I have the skinniest T shaped hallway in all the world. I don’t think I could actually fit a table in there and be able to still get in and out of my rooms but more than anything I want a vintage turquoise typewriter in there. This one from Good Bones Vintage Co is just perfect. *sigh*

Another thing I’m obsessed with is scatter cushions. My OH’s mum made us some out of some brilliant 50s style hule girl material I found but now I think they’re lonely and need more ace cushions to keep them company.

I Never Finish Anyth Black and White Pillow

I Never Finish Anyth Black and White Pillow. $32. Etsy

I think this is absolutely ideal! Not only am I loving it because of the typography but also because it’s so true in my life at the moment. Every time I have a look at it, it makes me chuckle and if it can make me laugh I’m all its. Well, that’s how the OH got me! The fact that Yellow Bug Boutique, where this cushion comes from, say themselves that they specialise in handmade geekery and artsy-fartsy things makes me love them even more!

I’ve mentioned before about my love of getting things through the post and this poster just echoes my sentiments perfectly.

Write More Handwritten Letters

Write More Handwritten Letters. $25. Etsy

This is a gorgeous reminder that every once in a while we should go a bit crazy and actually pick up a pen and paper to let someone that we’re thinking about them. I know a text, tweet or email is easier but the extra thought and effort it takes to write someone a real letter means a lot. It means more than, if not as much as, the actually words contained in the letter, at least to me it does anyway. If this one doesn’t float your boat though Mary Kate McDevitt has a lot of gorgeous illustrations and screen prints in her Etsy shop.

I broke my rule of three with this post but I couldn’t leave this last one out!

Pocket Moleskine . Hand-Lettered Calligraphy . Small Writing Journal . Red Ink on Brown Kraft . Write What Should Not Be Forgotten

Pocket Moleskine. $20. Etsy

With all my talk of loving writing on things I couldn’t really leave out something this lovely to write in could I? I love keeping a notebook in my handbag. It’s the most useful thing in there and is always handy. I writes to do lists (I love lists), reminder notes, ideas, numbers, addresses, anything and everything that pops into my head that I don’t want to forget. That’s exactly what this gorgeous pocket moleskin tells you to do. Not only is it adorned with a fabulous Isabel Allende quote each book is individually, hand decorated. Sparrow Nest Script also make cute greetings cards, amazing stationery (gosh, I love stationery!) and even take on custom calligraphy projects.

How gorgeous are these things? Do you love typography too? Or are you another stationery addict like me?



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