Friday Favourites

With it being Thanksgiving yesterday for all our lovely American friends, it feels like everyone has been thinking about all the things they’re thankful for this week. I’m no different so here we go…

#     I spent last weekend in Hemel Hempstead with the OH’s family which was really nice. Got all my washing done and it was lovely and warm (most of the time). I also got fed up like a big fatty. Roast dinners are ace aren’t they?

#     I also went Christmas decoration shopping so we now have things to hang on the tree. We did forget to buy something to go on the top though, so looks like we’ll have to go again. Oh dear!

#     My heating and washing machine got fixed on Monday. Yaaaaaay! It’s been awful without them for this last week. My washing machine now also lives up to it’s super silent name too.

#     After being obsessed with kitten cam last week I have now moved on to panda cam. That I discovered over at Hello Giggles.

#     Beyond Retro just tweeted this picture of a Christmas jacket. It’s so hideous but that kind of makes me want it more. Just knowing there are items like this in the world make me happy!

Christmas Jacket from Beyond Retro

#     It is now officially cold enough for me to give this Nutella Hot chocolate recipe a go 🙂

#     Finally, I have lots to look forward to. It’s almost payday, it’s nearly my birthday, I’m seeing friends and my mummy is coming to visit soon too.

I’m a happy girl this week, how about you? What are you thankful for, not just this week but in general?




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