Friday Favourites

Here we go, it’s that time again. My favourite things from this week are…

#     The OH and I cleaned the flat from top to bottom and cleared out every box, cupboard and bag that has been lurking since we moved in back in March. Not only is it now sparkly clean everything has somewhere to live. It’s amazing!

#     We also put our Christmas tree up on Sunday. It’s not finished because we forgot to buy a topper for it but that will all change tomorrow. Here it is for now though.

My Christmas Tree

#     I’ve also got plans to catch up with my friends before Christmas now too. Proper plans! I’m not good at doing real plans so this is pretty big news.

#     I’ve almost finished my Christmas shopping and writing my Christmas cards too. Yes, I’m fully aware December doesn’t start until tomorrow but I’m feeling pretty smug about all this.

#     My best friend Hannah has invented an awesome new Christmas game where she can link any Christmas film back to Friends using the actors. It’s like 6 degrees of separation but with Christmas films and Friends. She’s pretty amazing at it!

#     I made ginger biscuits that made the flat smell lovely and Christmassy. They are also pretty good dunked in tea.

#     I’ve watched Elf and Fred Claus this week.

#     I’m also kind of excited that it’s my birthday on Monday too. This one has creeped up on me (the feeling I mean not the birthday,) because I was not looking forward to it at all until today really.

That’s about it, wish me luck Christmas shopping tomorrow morning on a hangover!



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