Happy Birthday To ME!

So, Monday was my birthday and I have been contemplating things. I realised that this is the first year where I haven’t been particularly unhappy in some aspect of my life and haven’t been actively trying to change something. Last year was my job, the year before was a handful of things, as where the years before them. I wasn’t particularly keen on celebrating this year though and that was before my purse and iPad got stolen out of my handbag on Friday night, but that’s a whole other story. I never even bothered taking the day off work as I usually do.

However, when I got home from work my very lovely OH and taken half a day off work without my knowledge. He baked me a cake and made me a kids party tea with birthday banners and balloons, the full works. It certainly cheered me up about my non-event of a birthday.

That’s not the entire point of this post though. The point of this post is to tell you all about my new favourite shoes that I received as a birthday present.

Let me introduce you to the Iron Fist Lolita Love Platfoom Booties.

Lolita Love BootiesAren’t they pretty? They combine three of my favourite things in the whole wide world – polka dots, leopard print and shoes! They are absolutely killer heels and I’m about 6 foot 4 when I wear them but they are surprisingly comfortable! I think it’s because of the platform so the heel doesn’t feel as big when you have them on.

I am a huge fan of Iron Fist. They have a Lounge Leopard coat and a Bit Me dress that I am particularly coveting at the moment. Also, there’s a purse that matches my new shoes perfectly that I’d really like too. I can’t buy that one for myself though as I’m superstitious when it comes to purses and you aren’t supposed to buy your own.



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