Friday Favourites

This week seems to have been the absolute longest in my life yet somehow it feels like last Friday was just yesterday! So here we go again with all my best bits of the week.

#     Saturday was mostly spent either talking to the police or waiting for them to get back to me after I had my purse and iPad stolen on Friday night but the lovely, lovely policewoman I spoke to eventually was so nice and didn’t at all make me feel like the absolute dick I am for leaving my bag unattended, albeit under a massive pile of coats, in the pub.

#     Saturday night was brightened up though by a visit to my friend Kat’s for fajitas, X Factor, Dr Who and Sherlock geeking and plenty of catching up with her, Stef and Bella.

#     Sunday was spent being spoiled by my in laws. I got to open my birthday presents early then I was taken out for lunch and I even won a game of bowling! (This has never happened in my life, ever!)

#     Monday was my birthday and I’ve already told you all about my tea party and marvellous new shoes!

#     The rest of the week hasn’t been nearly as exciting as the start but I did work from home yesterday and make some banana bread that I am very pleased with. The recipe for which I’ll share with you tomorrow.

#     I’ve finally finished my Christmas decoration too. My front door has a Merry Christmas sign and a jingle bell wreath, my tree has a topper and there are more lights up. Yay.

#     Finally, my mum is en route to London as I type these very words and I am very excited about this fact. Even if we are travelling out of London and up to Birmingham tomorrow morning for The Clothes Show.

#     Finally,  I have a new favourite super cute You Tube video to share with you.



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