About Me


Me at Leeds Festival 2012


I’m Laura, my friends have been calling me Lojo for longer than I’d like to remember now. I don’t act my age and have stopped caring what strangers think of me.

I blog about everything and nothing.

A little more about me…

I am a mishmash of pirate loving, old lady acting and rockabilly wannabe-ing. The results of this is usually me drinking copious amounts of rum or gin, dreaming up my next sailor tattoo, knitting, baking and trying to be ladylike instead of the clumsy oaf I am.

I drink too much tea and love to dunk biscuits. I get bored very easily with my hair and it doesn’t stay the same for very long. Cardigans are pretty much my favourite item of clothing and I love a good board game. I’m kind of obsessed with soup at the moment too. I think it’s because I’m always cold.

My family life…

I’m engaged to the most mega boy in the world and we moved into our very own lovely little pad in March which is all very exciting. I’m trying to convince him we need a friend of the four legged variety to move in with us but I’m not having much luck. Instead I’m filling our home with some of the most beautiful and funky things and I’m running out of wall space rapidly!

My blog…

As well as my new found love of homeware, I am also fascinated by music. I love the emotions it can evoke and the relation it has on everyone and everything including memories, ideas and fashion. I’m definitely not a dedicated follower of fashion, I wear what I like and what I feel good in. I use fashion (including my make up and hair) as an extension of me; my dreams, my thoughts and my emotions.

I get a great deal of satisfaction and joy in reviewing music and introducing others to bands they may not have yet discovered. The idea of a diamond in the rough can sometimes be so apt in this situation. I feel the same about other products too, I love to share my experiences and thoughts on things with other people. When I do review things I’m always 100% honest, there’s no point in pretending something is great if it isn’t, that doesn’t benefit anyone.

Find out more…

The thought of anyone reading my little blog is pretty exciting so if you want to drop me a message it’d make my day. I also consider product reviews this way too. You can find me at lojovstheworld@gmail.com



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